Troubleshooting CMDB Compare

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    BMC Atrium CMDB Suite


    BMC Atrium CMDB Suite




    Troubleshooting CMDB Compare




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      This is how the CMDB Compare feature works: 
      - The user selects two CIs to compare 
      - The user clicks on the Compare button 
      - This triggers workflow to submit an entry to the CMDB:CompareCIs-Master form 
      - A filter calls the FilterAPI plugin - libcmdbconsolefilterapi 
      - The filterAPI creates entry in the CMDB:CompareCIs-Details form 
      - These entries are displayed in the table field 
      - When the users leaves the panel, the entries are deleted from the form. As a fallback mechanism, an escalation runs overnight to delete entries in the form that are older than 24 hours 
      Troubleshooting problems: 
      - Verify the filterapi plugin is specified in the ar.cfg/ar.conf file 
      - Enable plugin logging and restart the server to confirm the plugin was loaded 
      - Enable Active Link and client side filter logging to see that the plugin in called 
      - Set Plugin-Level to 100 in the ar.cfg file and use Plugin logs to troubleshoot problems in the filter api plugin. 


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