Oracle Data Character Set AL32UTF8 For Unicode And Default National Character set AL16UTF16

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    Should I use AL32UTF8 Character set for Oracle Unicode And Change or Use the Default National Character Set of AL16UTF16?






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    AL16UTF16 is only available as a choice for the National Character Set. If you want the database itself to be Unicode you can choose from UTF8 and AL32UTF8. AL32UTF8 is generally preferred because of its ongoing support of the Unicode Standard.




    If your database character set were AL32UTF8, there would be no advantage of using UTF-8 as your national character set. Occasionally, there may be a benefit to using UTF-16 for your national character set because that would potentially allow you to store Asian characters in less space (most Asian characters require 3 bytes to encode in UTF-8 and 2 bytes to encode in UTF-16).



      In most cases about 99% of the time, if you are using AL32UTF8 for your database character set, you wont make use of your national character set at all, so it doesnt matter
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