Patrol Agent debug options

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    PATROL Agent


    PATROL Agent


    PATROL Agent



      PATROL Agent 




    The Patrol Agent can be started using any or a combination of the options below to refine or reduce debug output to specific information.

      $ ./PatrolAgent -debug ? 
      PatrolAgent V3.6.70i, built at 02:55:30, Dec 20 2006  
    Copyright (C) 1997-2006 BMC Software, Inc. 
    Available debug options:  
            ?               (display debug options)  
            ALL             (enable all debug options)  
            APPLS           (applications)  
            COMM            (communications)  
            EXEC            (process execution)  
            FDS             (file descriptors)  
            FTP             (file transfer)  
            GENERAL         (general)  
            HELP            (help system)  
            HISTORY         (history)  
            KM              (km related)  
            MAIN            (main-line execution)  
            MENU            (menu commands)  
            NBIO            (OS/2 threads)  
            PARAM           (parameters)  
            PASSWD          (password)  
            PCFG            (pconfig operations)  
            PROC            (process cache)  
            PSLA            (PSL Agent)  
            PSLI            (PSL Interpreter)  
            RUNQ            (internal run queue)  
            SELECT          (select calls)  
            SESSION         (session layer)  
            TASKS           (tasks)  
            TCP             (TCP layer)  
            UDP             (UDP layer)  
            ACL             (ACL debug)  
            COM             (COM debug)  
            PEM             (PEM API)  
            PEMTRACE                (PEMTRACE debug) 
              NTPERF          (NTPERF debug) 
              PAPI            (PAPI debug) 
              COS             (COS)  
            WRAP={#}        (wrap line after # characters)  
            FILE={FILENAME.EN_US} (set output file)  
            COUNT={num message}     (set maximum number of messages for the error log) 
      For Example: 
      On Unix: 
      $./PatrolAgent -debug=(EXEC,PCFG,MAIN) > agent_debug.txt 2>&1 


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