In the 7.x Mid-tier Configuration Tool's Report Settings page, the option of "BOXI/Crystal Report Server 11 on this machine" is not present.

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    Remedy AR System Server


    BMC Remedy AR System Server



      The Mid Tier with AR Crystal Web Application is installed locally on the same server as BOXI 11R2 or Crystal Server.  The installer recognized that BOXI or Crystal Server is installed on the machine and gives the option to install the AR Crystal Web Application (required to run Crystal reports on the web). 
      However, after completing the install, there is no option in the Mid-tier's Report Settings configuration page for "BOXI/Crystal Report Server 11 on this machine". 
    BMC Remedy AR System Server (version 7.5.00) DR: AR System Mid Tier; 




    Legacy ID:KA310781

      There might be a chance that your MidTier's JSP Engine is not using the right .xml file, for some reason.
      If you have the file <mid-tier-install-dir>/WEB-INF/combinedweb.xml, please take these steps:
      1. stop the JSP engine
      2. rename <mid-tier-install-dir>/WEB-INF/web.xml to web.xmlORIG
      3. copy combinedweb.xml to web.xml
      4. restart the JSP engine
      5. check the settings in Report Settings
      Otherwise, BMC/Remedy Support can provide this file.
      NOTE: Beginning with Mid-tier 7.6.3, for customers using WAR files to deploy Mid-tier, there is a separate "combined" WAR for Windows, which contains the necessary files for the AR Crystal Web Application (also known as the AR Web Report Viewer).


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