TSSA/BSA: Error opening rscd.log from BMC BladeLogic Console or NSH prompt: Could not open the file //[target]/[RSCD_DIR]/rscd.log: Permission Denied

Version 8
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    TrueSight Server Automation - Configuration Module


    BMC BladeLogic Server Automation - Configuration Module 8.x



    Attempting to open an rscd.log from the BladeLogic Console reports the following error message:


    Could not open the file //[target]/[RSCD_DIR]/rscd.log: Permission Denied


    Similar message is seen from NSH prompt as well:


    local_nsh# cat //target/[RSCD_DIR]/rscd.log
    cat: //target/[RSCD_DIR]/rscd.log: Permission denied


    BMC BladeLogic Configuration Manager
    BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Suite
    BMC BladeLogic Agent




    Legacy ID:KA308943


    This is an expected behavior, and it does not have anything to do with the RBAC / ACL setup.
    To open or view the rscd.log files, consider the following two options:


    1. Access or open the files directly from the target server


    2. If the file needs to be accessed remotely, then use bllogman utility (run 'bllogman' for more information):
    local_nsh# bllogman cat //target/[RSCD_DIR]/rscd.log

    3. Gather the rscd.log from the BSA Console by generating Support data:
       3.1  Go to Configuration tab at the top of the screen
       3.2 Click on "Generate Support Data..." button
       3.3 Click on Agent log Checkbox and select the target which you need the rscd.log,
       3.4 if needed, you can include Rolled-over logs by checking the box "Include Rolled-over Logs"
       3.5 Click on Generate Data and select place to save it.

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