Add/Remove Service Targets in Service Target Groups

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    BMC Service Level Management


    BMC Service Level Management



    Does the service target trigger cache when the service target created previously is added to Service Target Group?

    A customer created some of the service targets and did not add those into service target group originally.


    They want to know whether caching will happen when they add those into service target group.


    BMC Service Level Management (version 7.1.00)




    Legacy ID:KA307999


    1. The filters created for service targets were not modified after adding those into service target group.

    2. The Client side logging of API did not show up any signs of EXP.
    3. The Server side logging of API also did not show up commands for EXP/Copy cache.

    You can add/remove service targets at Application Administration Console -> Custom Configuration tab -> Service Level Management -> Configure Application Settings -> Service Target Groups.

    You don't have to re-build service targets after this.

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