Discovery: Troubleshooting Windows WMI discovery failures

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    Windows WMI discovery fails. How to troubleshoot this?

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    To ensure a successful Windows discovery, confirm the following:

    1. Verify that the account used for the scan has sufficient permissions to do a complete discovery.

    If the scan is using a credential proxy, the credential should have local Administrator rights on the target server.

    If the scan is using an Active Directory proxy, the proxy service should be running as a domain authenticated account with local Administrator rights and the “log on as user” right on the target server.

    Note: The documentation at has details about WMI access in specific discovery methods and WMI access permissions.

    2. Run a credential test. If the test fails, confirm the password by checking the "set password" box in the credential and re-typing it.

    3. The appliance scans port 135 to determine whether the port is open and therefore the target is likely to be a Windows host. If the port is open, then further discovery is undertaken using the Windows proxy. If the port is blocked, no Windows discovery is attempted. To test this, open a command line on the Discovery appliance and enter “telnet target 135”, where "target" is the ip address of the Windows host to be discovered. 

    4. Check for firewalls between the proxy and the target. Verify that required ports are open. Please note that Windows discovery requires more than just port 135 to be opened. For information on the ports used for Windows discovery, please see

    5. Confirm network connectivity. From the proxy, test connection to the target using ping and tracert.

    Other tests:

    - Confirm that WMI is active and working correctly on the target server. In some cases, starting or restarting the WMI service on the target may be helpful.

    - Confirm that a current version of the Discovery Windows proxy is being used.

    - Confirm that there is no antivirus package (such as Symantec) blocking access on the proxy or target.

    - To test WMI connectivity outside of Discovery using wmic or wbemtest, see the video link below.

    See also KA 000031966: A scan of a Windows server fails with an error in WMI. How to test the WMI connection from a Discovery Windows proxy to a target host?

    If the problem is still not resolved, do the following:
    - Rescan the endpoint with discovery and proxy logs in debug mode
    - Open a Support case and provide these logs. 
    - Also, gather the Windows event logs (system, application, security) from the target system and the proxy machine at the time of failure, and provide these also.
    - Include a list of all troubleshooting steps already done and their results.


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