TrueSight Synthetic - "UI element not found" - How to get TrueLogs from TEAAgent

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    Borland Silk Performer Synthetic Transaction Monitoring


    Borland Silk Performer Synthetic Transaction Monitoring for BMC Software





    Customer is running a custom script on a TEA agent.  The script was created with Silk Performer and they are receiving the following error:

    UI Element Not Found



    This error typically means that the script could not find a UI Element on the screen that it needed to interact with.  The best way to troubleshoot this issue is to look at the Truelogs and determine where this happened during the execution of the script.  You will typically see that it happened when a page failed to load maybe due to a login failure, or maybe the page was slower to load then the script expected.

    To find the TrueLog, locate the failed Transaction in TSPS.  Drill down into the Transaction by clicking on the 3 dots at the start of the Transaction line.  You will need to drill down through the following levels:

    Show Locations:
    Show Locations

    Show Executions:
    Show Executions
    Execution Log:
    Execution Log

    This last option will allow you to download your TrueLog and troubleshoot this issue more effectively.

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