Resolving Control-M for SAP RFC connections not being closed or Java memory used by JCO not released

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    It has been noticed that when using the Control-M for SAP 7.0.0 and higher that SAP connections are kept opened even though no jobs or Control-M for SAP utilities are running. This is the normal behavior, even though Control-M for SAP connects and disconnects from SAP.  The connection used by JCO to SAP is never closed.  Additionally, the memory used by Java (JCO) is never released and may increase.


    To resolve this behavior of the product, a new feature is added to recycle the container.


    A new parameter was added in Fix Pack 1 ofthe Control-M for SAP 7.0.0  to the container configuration file (CTMSAP_container_conf.xml).
    This parameter will set an interval time in hours. In each interval the container will restart itself on a new port.
    After the older container has finished all its tasks, it will shut down.
    Once the new container is up, all new requests will be sent to it.
    This should not have any affect on running jobs or any other task that is performed using the container.
    By default, after installation, this feature is disabled. After enabling this feature restart the container.




    Legacy ID:KA356978


    Follow these steps in order to turn on the Recycle feature:
    1. Shut down the Agent (shut-ag)
    2. Shut down the SAP ( stop)
    3. Edit the file CTMSAP_container_conf.xml located under <agent_home>/SAP/data directory/
    4. Change <Recycle> value from 0 to any number (the number stands for full hours - Do not set a value lower than 12).
    5. Start the Agent (start-ag)

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