Task Creation and Assignment to Own Group Fails to Assign

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Remedy with Smart IT 1.2


    SmartIT 1.2


    Problem Summary #
    In Smart IT 1.2 , we have found that if a user does the following:
    1. Create a Task from an existing open Incident
    2. Assigns the task to a Support Group that they are a member of (to their own group)
    3. Saves the task

    Actual Result #
    the resulting Task is actually not assigned to anyone.

    Expected Result #
    The task can then be assigned successfully.

    Note:Assignment engine is disabled to perform the above test.


    Resolution # This is a known Defect # SW00504525 .

    Hotfix Available for stated issue. Please raise a support request to obtain a hotfix for SmartIT 1.2

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