Getting error while replying to emails from RF from incident

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk




    Users Do Not Have Access to the RichTextNote Field.





    Make the RichTextNote Field Visible:


    1. Log into Salesforce | Go to Setup.


    2. Under Create | Objects | Select the Incident History object.


    3. Under Custom Fields & Relationships | Click RichTextNote


    4. Click Set Field-Level Security | Tick Visible for the profiles of the users having the problems.


    5. Click Save.


    6. Verify Users can send email from Incidents.




    Explanation: The RichTextNote field was added to the Incident History object in Remedyforce Spring 15 Patch 1.1.  The field needs to me made visible in all Staff profiles or permission sets.  See the note below for other configuration required after the patch is applied.




    NOTE: If email is being sent from other objects Task, Problems, etc...  The same permissions will need to be applied to the RichTextNote field in the Task History object, etc....




    NOTE: For additional configuration see:


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