Business Rule Action to Send Customer Survey will list survey items from all workspaces

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    When configuring Business Rules with the action for Sending a Customer Satisfaction Survey, the "Internal Item" list will show more than just the current Workspace's Survey Items.   This ability to choose any Survey item is by design, but if the Surveys are named similarly the drop-down list can be confusing.  To prevent confusion with this selection form it is recommended to give your Survey Items unique names so they can be distinguished from one another (ex. Customer Satisfaction Survey, Helpdesk Survey, Service Request Survey, etc...).

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    To rename your Survey items:

    1. Go to Administration and choose to edit the containing Workspace.
    3. In the Workspace choose Record Definitions, then edit the appropriate Survey item.
    5. Once in the Survey item, choose Properties on the left, then click into the Item Name's Value field to change it.
    7. Save the Item, then Save & Publish the workspace.
    9. Repeat the same process for all other Survey items that may exist in your Footprints 12 installation.
    11. Now return to create your Customer Survey Business Rule and the new names will be displayed.


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