BMCATRIUM_NGIE000104: Failed to start NGIE job

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    BMC Atrium CMDB Suite


    BMC Atrium Core


    Applies to 9.0.01 from an upgrade of 8.1.


    BMCATRIUM_NGIE000104: Failed to start NGIE job

    From arjava plugin log:

    ERROR (8753): Error in plugin; There was an error posting the job on the Carte Server hostname :
    Unable to connect to the repository with name 'PDIREPO_hostname_64000'

    Where hostname is replaced with hostname of Carte Server.


    After the upgrade, there were parts of AI that were missing and had to be manually included


    We've noticed none of the OOTB jobs existed after upgrade in several UDM forms.  To correct this issue:

    Basically, whatever forms that were selected, remove those records & reimport them again. 
    This is a known issue from upgrade from any version to 9.0.  
    We were not able to find out why it doesn't happen every time. 
    Data in 6 tables that needs to be removed and redone.

    Static data that is brought in when importing.

    Delete completely the records from these forms:

    a.    UDM:Repository:DatabaseType
    b.    UDM:Repository:DatabaseConnType
    c.    UDM:Repository:JobEntryType
    d.    UDM:Repository:StepType
    e.    UDM:Repository:Version

    The reimport using the Remedy Data Import Tool:

    Deleting from AR UDM Import form

    Export all data to ARX file from sample data.
    Delete all data here then reimport that.  Then will
    get all the ITSM OOTB jobs.

    2.  All OOTB jobs were republished in Pentaho.  Still some sample jobs still missing.  Had to export/reimport in overwrite mode.

    3.  Customer applied changes to some of the AI/Spoon servers but still seeing errors on a few other systems despite changes.

    4.  Debug binary logging was setup to try & find errors but the logging was not producing additional details.

    5.  Determined that of around 3 AI/Spoon servers, 2 of them were working after all, but one was still failing & that one problem server appeared to be where all of the jobs were going, making it appear that all 3 were failing when it was only one server.

    6.  After going through the debug logging, the problem AI/Spoon server had a port redirect from 20000 to 80, so whenever a job was created it wouldn't be able to send it to the carte server.  Valen used a netsh command line to resolve the port redirection.  AR Server was restarted & then the jobs would run successfully.

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