CO 9.x and 10.x: access mode for Works

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    CO 9.x and 10.x



    I have a set of reports that I cannot EDIT, DELETE or RUN





    Legacy ID:KA433490


    All the Works of CO (analyses, models, reports and documents) have three different Access Modes:

    1. Public: all the users can see these Works and Run, Edit and Delete
    3. Public read only: all the user can see these Works, but only the Owner can Run, Edit and Delete
    5. Private: only the owner can see these Works and Run, Edit and Delete

    (Note: it is possible see the Owner expanding the description of the Work)


    For users that have Administrator role, in "My profile" there is the option: "Show the private works of every user". If an user check this option, he/she will able to see all the private Works of other users and also will be able to Run, Edit and Delete the Public read only Works. This option is valid only for the current session by product design.


    When an user is deleted from CO, all his/her Private Works are deleted also. His/Her Public and Public read only Works are not deleted and they are associated to the default user (admin).





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