Task do not activate in the sequence defined in the Task Group Template (incorrect Task Flow)

Version 9
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    Remedy Change Management Application


    Remedy Change Management Application


    BMC Remedy Change Management Application


    ITSM 9.1

    Task flow incorrect when adding task group in CREATE mode

     1) Create a Task Group Template with, say, 3 task templates added in the sequence 1, 1, 2.
     2) Open a new change and add above Task Group Template BEFORE saving the Change request (i.e. form is still in CREATE mode)
     3) Save the change request & progress it till "Implementation In Progress" to activate the tasks.

    RESULT: All 3 tasks activate at the same time. Also, the View Task Flow is not correct.

    ***If you add the Task Group Template AFTER saving the change request, then this problem does not exist.

    Task Templates do not activate in sequence when associated to Task Group Template and used by Change Template to raise Change Requests.

    Note : Applicable to Sequential type of Task Group Template
     1) Create two Sequencing type Task Group Templates and relate some Task Templates to each Task Group Template. For example, relate 5 Task Templates to Task Group Template with sequence 1-2-3-4-5.
     2) Associate both the Task Group Template to a Change Template.
     3) Create a Change Request using this Change Template.
     4) Progress the Change Request till Scheduled Status.
     5) Observe the Task Sequence of the related Task Templates. .

    RESULT:  Multiple Tasks at different Sequence get activated at once. Like Task at sequence 1,2 and 4 is Assigned and 3 & 5 are at Staged.


    These problems have been reported in this Defect # SW00507881 which will be addressed in future ITSM releases.

    You may use the attached Hot-fix to fix these incorrect Task Sequencing problems on your existing ITSM 9.1 environment.

    NOTE: Apply HF internally first, test the use cases highlighted above and provide to the customer

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