Massive delete activity. Multiple delete all systems and business drivers imported by an ETL

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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization


    TSCO 11.x, 10.x, 9.x



    I need to delete a huge number of systems/workloads/business drivers.


    I want to delete all the data imported by an ETL in TSCO.


    I want to do multiple systems delete in TSCO.






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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.x, 10.x:

    In TSCO you can delete all the entities without use the lookup table (entity catalog) by click on the button Delete imported data. 
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      This button will dismiss all the systems imported by the ETL and cleanup the lookup fields for all the system. If there is a shared lookup/entity catalog, the system will be not dismissed, but only the lookup fields of this ETL will be removed 
    • Deleted entities will go into “All systems and business drivers” -> "Dismissed Objects" domain
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    • You can also multi-select the entities  from the Dismiss list
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    • To wipe out definitely all the data select "Clean up all dismissed objects", without selecting entities.This delete will take a while.. as it does a massive delete on DB
    Note that it is not necessary to remain on the Dismissed options screen once you've clicked the 'Clean Up All Dismissed Objects' button.  The work is being done in the background.  If you leave the screen and then come back to it you'll see how much progress has been made (as there will be less objects in the list).  Once the cleanup is done the Dismissed Objects list will be empty.  You can also see the progress of the job in the /opt/cpit/scheduler/log/cpit.log (where it reports a line each time an object is cleaned up and how many more need to be cleaned up). 

    It is expected that the dismissal event will take some time (and possibly a lot of time if you are cleaning up a lot of objects).  The dismiss event is cleaning up everything related to those objects in all of the BCO tables so there is a lot of data to delete. 

    TrueSight Capacity Optimization 9.5 and older:

    Find the source of the incoming data for the entities you want to delete.Preliminary step to identify where a (some) workload(s) come from:  
    • Access the domain you want to clean in workspace, go in the system node and select one the entities you want to delete. Press one of the yellow inside and view its details, to see which ETL imported it
    • Press on the name of the ETL to access its configuration page, then select "Lookup tables"

    • From the lookup page it's possible to:     
      • multi-select the entities keeping the CTRL button on keyboard pressed
      • select an entire screen: highlight the first entity and then the last one keeping SHIFT pressed (the page size can also be changed to multiselect faster)



    • The selected entities can be removed pressing “Delete selected systems” button on the same table.



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