Discovery: ERROR: sysObjectID is not an enterprise MIB when performing a device capture

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    BMC Discovery


    BMC Discovery 11.3


    BMC Discovery


    When performing a device capture on an SNMP device, the error message "ERROR: sysObjectID is not an enterprise MIB" appears in the capture log:

    Port Scan information capture
    Failed to read Telnet banner
    Failed to read HTTP HEAD
    HTTPS Server header from port 443: ACS 5.4
    Failed to read FTP banner
    OS Scan information captured
    sysDescr: Cisco Secure Access Control System 5.4
    ERROR: sysObjectID is not an enterprise MIB:



    Discovery expects every sysObjectId to begin with as per the SNMP MIB standard. Each vendor is allocated a subtree under

    Because the sysObjectID does not comply with the SNMP MIB RFC published here:

    it is currently not possible to discover this device.

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