Steps to uninstall BMC Remedy Smart-IT

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Remedy with Smart IT




    If a fresh installation of Smart-IT fails then we need to uninstall Smart-IT and reinstall it. Here are the proper steps that should to follow


    Steps to uninstall Smart-IT :

    1) Ensure you have a good backup of your databases (AR and Smart-IT).

    2) Run the Smart-IT uninstaller
    Uninstall the application:

    (On Windows, for example)
    Go to the UninstallBMCSmartIT folder (such as /data1/bmc/Smart_IT_MyIT/UninstallBMCMyIT), and run the uninstall file.
    Alternatively, From the Windows Control Panel, select Add or Remove Programs > BMC MyIT and click Remove.
    3) Delete the records from the form SHARE:Application_Properties where Property value contains SmartIT , copy the application id for this record and re-check if we have any entry with this GUID. Do not delete the entry for Smart-IT Patch .
    4) Delete the BMC MYIT Application in base development mode from developer studio. You need to remove the entry from application tab that have input related to My IT and delete the forms with the pre-fix: MyIT Administration:

    5) From Oracle or Microsoft SQL, drop the Smart IT database including Openfire chat if you are using it and remove the SmartIT_Business, SmartIT_System & Openfire database users
    6) Verify that the following services have been stopped and removed:
            openfire(only if Smart IT chat feature is installed)
    7) Verify that the Smart_IT_MyIT directory has been removed. If not, delete it manually.

    8) If Smart-IT UX patch installation was successful then we do not have to re-install it.

    The system is now ready for another attempt to install Smart-IT.

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