Remedyforce CMDB 2.0 Ugprade Failed

Version 2
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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    Remedyforce CMDB 2.0 Ugprade Failed


    The data types on custom fields created in CMDB 1.0 did not map properly during the ugprade


    The fields will need to be deleted.
    1. Open the log file created from the upgrade locate the problem field(s).
    2. Open the Base Element tab and create a list view to see if the field(s) contain data.  If the fields are look up there is no issue, but if the fields are of other data types and contain data you will need to decide whether or not you need the data.
    3. Delete the fields from Base Element.
    4. Run the CMDB upgrade.
    5. Verify the CMDB upgrade completes without error.

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