Why are "BBDDA014E Execution error" messages published for the DEVX, IOQ, CPU, SPAG and PGDS collectors when starting the MainView for z/OS PAS?

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    MainView for z/OS


    MainView for z/OS CMF Monitor


    Some customers have reported the following sequence of messages when initialising the MainView for z/OS Product Address Space (PAS):

    BBDDA014E Execution error in DEVX Collector, RC=00140008
    BBDDA018E Csect: BBM0DC22, reason: No CMF DEVICE TAPE!DASD sampler
    BBDDA014E Execution error in IOQ Collector, RC=0014000E
    BBDDA018E Csect: BBM0DC31, reason: No CMF DEVICE TAPE!DASD sampler
    BBDDA014E Execution error in CPU Collector, RC=00100003
    BBDDA018E Csect: BBM0DC35, reason: No CMF CPU sampler
    BBDDA014E Execution error in SPAG Collector, RC=00100003
    BBDDA018E Csect: BBM0DC71, reason: No CMF PAGING sampler
    BBDDA014E Execution error in PGDS Collector, RC=00100003
    BBDDA018E Csect: BBM0DC27, reason: No CMF ASMDATA sampler


    If the BBDDA014E/BBDDA018E messages are published for the above Collectors/Samplers, it is likely that some required CMF Samplers have not been defined in the CMFCPMnn (or CMFIPMnn) UBBPARM member being used.
    There are 5 CMF Samplers that are required, even if CMF MONITOR is not being used, because MainView for z/OS uses them to provide data for its data collectors and views.
    The following CMF Samplers are required to run for MainView for z/OS:

    The REPORT statement is also required (REPORT is not a sampler, but a control statement).

    Also check the CMFCPMxx (or CMFIPMnn) member being used in the UBBPARM data set, specified by the CPM=xx (or IPM=xx) specification in the JCL PARM field. The easiest way to add the required CMF Samplers is to create a member in the UBBPARM called CMFCPM00 and copy in the CXACR member from your BBPARM. This member provides some starter control statements for the Extractor.
    For more details, please refer to our CMF MONITOR User Guide and Reference, chapter 2, which documents the necessary collectors, and the MainView for z/OS Customization Guide, section entitled "Specifying the Extractor operating environment".

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