How do I use CMF Analyzer JCL Builder to include control statements?

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    CMF Monitor


    I am trying to use CMF Analyzer JCL Builder, Option 5, to include control statements in my job.

    5  List Control Statements    List Analyzer Control Statements

    When I select any of the lines, I receive the error message "SELECT not pending"

    Select not pending


    The CMF Analyzer JCL Builder application is designed to work as follows:

    • You use either option 3 (List statement sets) or 4 (Create new statement set) to choose a member where your control statements will be generated
    • In that ISPF EDIT session in that member, you enter the IS edit LINE command on the data line after which the new statement is to be inserted.
    • This ACTIVATES the "selection" process and pops up the option 5 display (List control statements)
    • Now you should be able to use the SELECT command against any control statement.
    For more detailed information, refer to the manual "CMF MONITOR User Guide and Reference" 


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