TS Synthetic - Is there a "Run Now" functionality?

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    TrueSight App Visibility Manager Server


    TrueSight Synthetic Monitor with Borland Silk Performer


    TrueSight Synthetic Transaction Monitor with Micro Focus Silk Performer - All Versions



    In the TM ART product,  there was an option to Manually run a monitor and not have the statistics entered into the system.  This was a way for customers to test a script on a system for any problems before fully deploying the script.  This feature was called "Run Now".

    Is there a similar feature in TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS) for Synthetic Execution Plans?



    This feature is currently not available in TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS) for Synthetic Execution Plans

    Below are screenshots that will show a manual workaround for this issue.  Note that this Run Now workaround is being done in a temporary Application so that the data will not be included in a real Application:

    User-added image

    Below is a screenshot that shows how to configure the schedule for the Execution Plan so that it only runs once:

    User-added image
    Once this Execution Plan is saved, it will take 30 seconds to be propagated to the relevant location(s). 

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