TrueSight Synthetic - Is there a "Run Now" functionality?

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    TrueSight App Visibility Manager Server


    TrueSight Synthetic Monitor with Borland Silk Performer


    TrueSight Synthetic Transaction Monitor with Micro Focus Silk Performer



    Need a way to a "Run Now' functionality?

    Details: Our old Synthetic Transactions tools suite (TM ART) gave us the option to Manually run a monitor that had previously failed to test if the issue was still presently ongoing. We are looking for a way Manually run synthetic transactions for the APM suite in the same way but cannot find an option.



    Request For Enhancement (RFE) is under evaluation by PM and R&D for best implementation.

    In the meantime, here is a workaround that customers can use with TrueSight Presentation Server

    This workaround will be put into your statistics on the Application view.  If you do not want to see the data from your Run Once, then please create a temporary application to run the Execution Plan from.

    Statistics Configure an Execution Plan to start and end 5 minute apart with the following settings:

    Status must be Active.
    Assign at least one location.
    Execution Plan Schedule:
      - repeat every 5 minutes
      - timeout period 5 minutes
      - random start delay 2 minutes
      - choose a date and time at least 5 minutes from "now" in the "Effective from" section
      - set the time zone to be "Local Time".  If you choose UTC time, then the time to run the script may have already passed and the Run Once will not work.
      - then choose a 5 minutes later date and time in the "Expire on" section."
    Save twice (the "Execution plan" and the "Application" configurations).

    The new configuration should take 30 seconds to be propagated to the relevant location(s). 

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