How do I use MVBATCH without truncating the report for views where the output record is greater than 133 characters?

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    I'm using MVBATCH to produce a report containing information from views but the output report is truncated to 133 characters. Is there a way to get a report displaying all the data from the view?


    When generating MainView Batch reports (MVBATCH) there is an option to say whether the output is to be produced in a Sysout class or in an external dataset.

    For the Output data set: Enter a sequential data set, or partitioned data set member name for the report output. Entering a Sysout class overrides the data set specification.
    When MVBATCH is set up to produce its output in Sysout, the report is truncated to 133 characters, which can be too short for views displaying a lot of data. When the output is directed to an external data set, this data set can have been allocated with a LRECL greater than 133, for example 255.


    MainView View Customization can be used as a circumvention to exclude unwanted columns or to change the order of columns in order to get the 'interesting' data on the left of the view and be present in the first 133 characters. Details on how to customize a view can be found in the MainView User Guide, Creating and saving customized views (windows mode).

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