Error Submitting Remedyforce Service Request from Self Service.  Error: Insert failed. First Exception on Row 0; First Error: Insufficient_Access_on_Cross_Reference_Entity, Insufficient Access Rights on Cross-Reference Id: a2m3000000XXXXX:[]

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    Error Submitting Service Request from Self Service.  Error: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: Insufficient_access_on_cross_reference_entity, insufficient access rights on cross-reference id: a2m3000000XXXXX:[]


    A referenced value in a Template has changed or doesn't exist.


    Update the Template Category to a Valid Category

    1. Log into Salesforce | Click the Remedyforce Workspaces tab.
    2. Click Request Definitions | Open the Request Definition with the issue | Note the name of the Incident template configured for the Request Definition.
    3. From Remedyforce Workspaces Click Templates.
    4. Open the Template noted in Step 2.
    5. For each Field Label Verify the values exist | Update those with values that are not valid.
    6. Save the Template.
    7. Repeat steps 5-6 for each Task associated to the Incident template and for All templates associated to the request definition.
    8. Verify the Service Request can be submitted from Self Service

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