Discovery: Scan of a printer fails with "NoAccess (Printer Identification Failure Error - no MAC addresses)"

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    BMC Discovery


    BMC Discovery 11.1


    BMC Discovery



    Scan of a printer fails with "NoAccess (Printer Identification Failure Error - no MAC addresses)". The device is listed as being integrated in Discovery.




    Legacy ID:KA413579


    There are several possible approaches to solve the problem:
    1) Use discovery via SNMP v1 as a workaround.

    2) By default, Discovery uses SNMP GetBulk command to query OID's. It's possible that, because of lot of traffic, the SNMP agent on the printer is deciding to drop some SNMP GetBulk packets, and that may be the reason for skipping MAC address.

    To test this, try reducing the GetBulk size by entering the following from the appliance command line:
    tw_options GETBULK_SIZE=5
    (when prompted, enter the password for the UI "system" user).

    If this doesn't work, try disabling GetBulk:
    tw_options USE_GETBULK=FALSE

    Note that the above option changes are global and will affect all SNMP discoveries.

    With Discovery version 11.x and above, it is possible to disable GetBulk for a given credential. To do this, edit the credential being used for this printer, and uncheck the SNMP option to "Use GETBULK". Then save the credential and scan the printer again.


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