Remedy Smart Reporting - How to Access the Console Directly without logging to Mid-Tier Application - Includes Video

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    How can Users access Smart Reporting Console without logging in into Remedy Mid-tier Application?



    Smart Reporting is designed in such a way that Remedy Users need to login into Mid-Tier to launch the Smart Reporting console. Remedy User can only authenticate when they login to application console first. Smart Reporting direct URL is designed for 'SuperAdmin' user who can manage multiple ARS instances and Monitor how much of the system content is actively used. The only user who can login into Smart Reporting is SuperAdmin and this is designed behavior. There is no way to direct users to Smart Reporting without logging into Remedy Midtier first.

    From Smart Reporting 18.05 onwards, i
    t is possible to directly access BMC Remedy Smart Reporting using the following procedure:

    1. Enter the http://<MTServerName>:<Port>/arsys/smartreporting URL. For example:
      The Mid Tier login screen is displayed.
    3. Enter the user name and password of the Remedy AR System server.
      The default BMC Remedy Smart Reporting landing page opens (typically, the Timeline tab of your user profile in BMC Remedy Smart Reporting).
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