Remedyforce (SDoF) Occasionally Logs Users Out and Reverts Back to the Login Page.

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    Remedyforce Spring 11



      SDoF occasionally throws staff out of the application and reverts to the Salesforce login page.  





    NOTE: Google Chrome will not have full support until Remedyforce Spring 11 release.






    This issue was caused by a confluence of events. When the dashboard refreshed while the user was typing, it would remove the focus from the text input box. If the focus is not in a text box and the user presses backspace (in Google Chrome) it has the effect of pushing the back button. Pressing the back button creates the same effect, returning the user to the login page.






    Set the refresh rate to 999, which will prevent the text box losing focus.  Verify users are no longer redirected to the login page.


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