BMC Helix Remedyforce: How to Create an Email Alert to Email a Client when a Note has been Added to an Incident

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk



      How to Create an Email Alert to Email a Client when a Note has been Added to an Incident?




    1. Log into Remedyforce as Administrator
    2. Go to Setup Menu
    3. Under App Setup Expand Create | Expand Workflow & Approvals | Click Workflow Rules.
    4. Click New Rule.
    5. Click the Select object drop down | Select Incident History | Click Next.
    6. Enter the Rule Name: Custom Notify Client when an Action is Added.
    7. In the Rule Criteria enter the following criteria:

    Field: Incident History: Action~
    Operator: =
    Value: Notes


    NOTE: To set up notifications for more than one action  Change the value for: Run this rule if the following from criteria met to formula evaluates to true and insert the following formula:


    BMCServiceDesk__actionid__c = "Notes" ||
    BMCServiceDesk__actionid__c = "Email Sent" ||
    BMCServiceDesk__actionid__c = "Test"


    NOTE: Notes, Email Sent and Test are examples of actions in test system you will need to replace these values with the action(s) you wish the workflow to fire on the system.  If you want have the rule fire on more actions add additional rows as required.

    8. Click Save & Next.
    9. Click Add Workflow Action | Select New Email Alert.
    10. Enter the required fields for the email alert.

    Description: Notify Client when a Note is added.
    Unique Name: Notify_Client_when_a_Note_is_added.
    Email Template: <Select a Template>
    Recipient Type: Related User
    Recipients: Related User: Client - User

    11. Click Save.
    12. Click Activate.

    Steps to validate if Workflow Rule works
    1. Log into BMC Helix Remedyforce.
    2. Open an existing Incident | Add a note.


    NOTE: If the Note field is included in the email alert.  The Note must be added via the Incident form.  It if is added via Actions, the information in the Note field will not be sent in the email alert.  This is due to a limitation in Salesfoce Platform.
    Note field will be blank for below step:

    Remedyforce console | Open any Incident  | New Action | Notes  

    Note field will work in these steps :
    Remedyforce console | Open any Incident  | Details Tab  | Action History  | New Note
    Remedyforce console | Open any Incident  | Action  | New Note


    3. Verify the Client receives an Email.


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