How To Send Separate Email Out Every Fifth Incident For Survey Purposes.

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    Remedyforce Spring 12


    The purpose of this article is how to configure a workflow rule to simulate a survey email which will send out a separate email every 5th incident.




    To Create the workflow, please follow the steps below:


    1. On SalesForce Side, go to App Setup, Create, Workflow & Approvals, Workflow Rules and click on New Rule.


    2. Select Incident from the Select Object drop down and click Next.


    3. You can set Rule Name to be SurveyEvery5thTicket 4. Enter the description you want.


    5. For Evaluation Criteria select Every Time Record is created or edited.


    6. For Rule Criteria, select formula evaluates to true from the 'Run this rule if the following' dropdown.


    7. In the white box below, copy the following and paste it in:

    BMCServiceDesk__Closed_By__c <> "" && MOD(value(Name) ,5)=0




    8. Click on the Check Syntax button which should come back successful.


    9. Click Save & Next


    10. The next screen will have a Add Workflow Action drop down box, select new Email Alert.


    11. You can make the description Survey Email.


    12. Then Unique Name will auto populate.


    13.  You can then select the email template you want to use.  Please note you will have to pick the email template that you modified to have the survey link in place. If you need help with creating the email template please see email template instructions below.


    14. For Recipient type field drop down to Related User.


    15. Then in the Available Recipients list highlight Related User: Client ID and click the add button to move it to the Selected Recipients column.


    16. Click on Save.


    17. This rule will evaluate every closed work order as it is closed to see if it is the fifth ticket created.  The logic for this is, it takes the work order number and divides it by 5 and then checks the remainder.  If the remainder is 0 it will fire.  Only numbers which end in 0 or 5 will have a 0 remainder when dividing by 5.




    Instructions to modify the email template sent to end user to add the link:


    1.  For your specific template I cloned an existing template called Incident Email Template 4.


    2. To do this, On SalesForce side go to Administration Setup, Communication Templates, Email Templates.


    3. Locate Incident Email Template 4 and click on it.  Be sure to click on the name and not the edit button next to it.


    4. Click on the top most Clone button.


    5. Make sure the Available for Use checkbox is checked.


    6. Change Email template name to be Survey Email Template.


    7. Change Template Unique name to Survey_Email_Template and hit Save.


    8. On the next screen click on Edit HTML Version.


    9. At this point you can put what you need in the template, by default the template we cloned has is due in 2 hours on the subject line, you can change to Survey Email.


    10. The body also has a mixture of fields and text.  You can clear all that out and just put in your text and the survey link and then hit Save.


    11. Then just be sure to modify the Email Alert of the workflow rule created in previous procedure and change the template name to the one created here.


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