BMC Helix Remedyforce - How to Add Incident fields to the Service Request form for View Tickets and Requests tab in Self Service.

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk



      How to Add fields that are not present in Request Detail Object to the Service Request form for View Tickets and Requests tab in Remedyforce Self Service.




    Some Incident fields can be displayed on the Service Request form in Remedyforce Service.
    For example to display Incident Status, a formula field can be created on Request Detail Object.


    Steps to create Formula field and add to Service request form:
    1. Go to Setup | Create | Objects | Request Detail | Custom Fields and Relationships->New
    2. Select Data Type "Formula"
    3. Provide the required details like Label, Name, Return type.
    4. In advanced Formula click Insert Field and select the required Incident field.
    5. Save the field.
    6. Go to Request Detail Field Sets and add the created field in the Left/Right Panel.
    7. Verify the Service request form displays the new field.


    NOTE: Formula fields can be created for a limited Type of fields.  For fields like "Resolution" which is a Long Text Area field, we cannot create a Formula field.


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