Email processing slow due to files in footprints\cgi folder from forwarded messages

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    FootPrints 11.0 - 11.1


    The following problem pertains to FootPrints Service Core versions 11.0 through 11.1:

    The performance of email processing may be impacted if messages that are forwared to email addresses being used as Incoming Email addresses for workspaces. The performance issue is caused by a buildup of files in the footprints\cgi folder on the FootPrints Service Core Server. File types that may be found in the footprints\cgi folder that are generated due to the forwarding of the messages are as follows (the file types mentioned below is not intended to be all-inclusive. Others may be found):

    • msg-xxx.txt
    • msg-xxx.htm
    • *.msg
    • Files attached to the forwarded message (various file extensions).
    By design, the footprints\cgi folder contains files with extensions of *.pl, *.plex and one batch file named mrPatch.bat (Windows servers only), in addition to folders. Contact FootPrints Technical Support before attempting to remove any files from the footprints\cgi folder and no file with a .pl or .plex extension should be removed. 



    This Issue was resolved with the release of FootPrints version 11.5. 


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