Unable to save a technician or user record in Track-It! Red icon appears next to User Name with "A duplicate User Name already exists"

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    Track-It! 10.0, 10.5, 11.0, 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, 11.4.x Lookup Tables


    While attempting to save changes to an existing user or technician, or while saving new ones, a "Failed to save" error appears and a red exclamation icon shows up next to the User Name field.

    When the mouse cursor is held over the icon, the following pop-up message is shown:

    A duplicate User Name already exists. User Names must be unique -- please enter a new User Name.


    This message appears because the value entered in the User Name field already exists in another technician or user record. User names must be unique between BOTH users and technicians. For example, you cannot not have a technician with user name "JSMITH"


    If you are not seeing any other users or technicians with that user name in the Administration Console, the most likely reason is because your logged in technician record is associated with a security policy that denies access to other technicians, departments, or locations. That means any technician or user associated with those denied departments or locations will not be viewable from within the Administration Console. 

    In that case, it will be necessary to login to Track-It! as someone who can see ALL technicians, departments and locations. If that is not possible, or you believe that you can already see all technicians, departments and locations, the following queries can be run in SQL Server Management Studio to locate the technician or user that already has the user name that you are trying to use (where %UserName% is the user name that you are trying to use):

    SELECT Id, Name, Login FROM dbo.STAF WHERE Login = '%UserName%';


    SELECT UserId, FullName, Login FROM dbo.TIUSER WHERE Login = '%UserName%';


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