Could not allocate space for object <Table Name> in database <Database Name> because the Primary file group is full

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    Track-It! 11.x


    While working within Track-It! the following type of error may appear:

    Could not allocate space for object 'TableName' in database 'Database Name' because the 'Primary' filegroup is full


    This error occurs if the database has run out of space. There are a couple of possibilities for why this occurs.


    SQL Express Editions

      If the Track-It! database is running on SQL Express there are limitations on the size of the database, depending on the version that is installed:  
        SQL 2005 Express and SQL 2008 Express - Limit of 4 GB per database.  
        SQL 2008 R2 Express, SQL 2012 Express, SQL 2012 R2 Express - Limit of 10 GB per database. 
      If the version of SQL Express that is being used has reached its limit, you must upgrade it to a newer version or else data will need to be deleted from Track-It! to free up space. To upgrade to SQL 2008 R2 Express please see   How to upgrade SQL 2005 or 2008 Express to SQL 2008 R2 Express

      Autogrowth Configuration of the Database  
        The issue could also occur if the Primary filegroup has been configured to limit the maximum size of the database. Take the following steps to see if that is the case:  
        1. Run SQL Server Management Studio and login as SA or at a minimum an account that has db_owner access to the database.
        3. Expand the name of the server\instance and then right-click the Track-It! database and select Properties.
        5. Open the Files area and check the row for the Primary filegroup to see if the Autogrowth/Maxsize value is limited. If the maxsize is set to "Unlimited", that is not the reason for the error.
        7. If the maxsize is limited, click the ellipses button in the Primary filegroup row, increase the Maximum File Size to a larger value, and click OK to save the changes.
        9. Finally, click OK to close the Database Properties window.



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