Sorting specifications for Single Select field not preserved when configuring as dependent field

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    BMC FootPrints Service Core


    The following problem pertains to FootPrints Service Core version 12.0 through When a field of type Single Select which has Sorting specified as either "Custom" or "Descending" in the field's configuration, when attempting to configure that field as a dependent field in a Dependencies grouping, the choices for the field are unexpectedly displayed as sorted ascending, disregarding the previously configured sort order. If the dependency is further saved and the container published, when creating a record and the dependent field is displayed, the sort order is in ascending order.

    There has been a regression on this issue:

    When using a predefined sort of Ascending or Descending the order of the choices is replicated to the Dependency choices. However, using a custom sort these changes are not pushed properly to the dependent fields
    Custom sorting will extend to dependent choices like the other sort options like ASC abd DESC
    1) Create 2 fields
    2) In field 1 add the following choices:

    Set Sort to Automatic Desc


    2) In field 2 add the following:

    Set Sort to auto-asc

    * - Another Choice 




    4) Add the first field as a Parent and the second a child (Dependency)

    5) Make sure you include a symbol, number and alpha character in your choices for both hardware and software

    6) Add the fields to the form

    7) Save, save & publish

    8) Notice that the values sort correctly

    9) go back to the fields and add a new choice for the Child

    10) Retouch the ASC sort

    11) Save, Save and Publish

    ** Note that the new choice is inserted in the proper place

    12) go back to fields and change the sort order to custom

    13) Randomly change the order. Save, Save & Publish

    * Notice that the re-order doesn't sort the child choices properly. Any new fields added will now show as the last item(s)

    Manually rebuilding the dependency for the parent/child fields works until you need to add another field


    This is a regression of 88180 now listed under: DRZNZ-1517



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