ARS 8.x - Escalations running on multiple servers and Logging specified on one Server populates to other servers in server group

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    Following symptoms has been observed:

    1)   Escalations running on all servers.
    2)   Logging specified on one server is reflecting on all other servers including same log file name causing logging not to enable properly.  Attempts to enable server group logging will not enable on any server.  You can manually enable other logging (i.e. Escalation, API) by modifying the ar.cfg/ar.conf then running the "arsignal -c servername:PortNumber" command.



    These symptoms are due to incorrect configuration with Server-Connect-Name parameter. The Server-Connect-Name parameter in the ar.cfg file set to primary server name on all servers in server group.


    1. Modify the Server-Connect-Name to the local remedy server name on all servers in server group. 
    2. Stop all servers and restart them in rolling manner.
    3. Test/Modify an escalation to fire. 
    4. Confirm escalation fires on primary escalation server. Escalation logging should reflect about escalation activity. 
    5. Check server group logging and operations were all owned by correct server as ranked in the AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form or not.
    6. Enable Remedy logging and it should now work properly where as before it was not enabling or same logging and log file name was reflected on other servers in server group.

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