Remedy Smart Reporting - How To Change Repository Database details?

Version 9
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    Remedy AR System Server


    ITSM In-App Reporting 9.1.00


    BMC Remedy Smart Reporting 9.x


    Smart Reporting DB details has been changed in below scenarios:

    1)Smart Reporting Repository database has migrated to new server.

    2)Smart Reporting Repository database user password has changed.

    Where need to update database configuration in Smart Reporting so that application can work correctly?


    Database Host Name has been changed since the deployment.



    If the Smart Reporting Repository database has been moved to a new server that has a different name than the one originally configured, the server information for Smart Reporting will need to be updated.

    1. Stop the Remedy Smart Reporting service
    2. Edit the file, Web.xml of Smart Reporting located at below location

    a.If Smart Reporting is deployed with bundle tomcat then web.xml file is located at

    <SmartReporting installed directory>\appserver\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF location.

    b.If Smart Reporting is deployed with external tomcat then web.xml file is located at
    <Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 9.0\webapps\SmartReporting\WEB-INF >

    3. Search for the following parameter "JDBCUrl" in web.xml  file.
    4. Provide the new host name in the following URL :


    where DBServerName is the hostname of your database server and port is the port on which the database is listening.

      Excerpt from web.xml


    5. Verify the Database user name : <param-name>JDBCUser</param-name>   

    If require update it. 

    6. Verify the Database password:  <param-name>JDBCPassword</param-name> 

    Note that password is always in encrypted mode.If the password has changed you can either enter it in plain text or in encrypted mode. 

    a. To update it in plain text first  need to change the value of 'JDBCPasswordEncrypted' parameter to 'false'. 

    b. Encrypt the password using EncryptPassword.jar file and then update it into web.xml file. 
    For more details refer KA 000248718 

    7. Restart the Remedy Smart Reporting service. 


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