Discovery: The Appliance Support pages hangs or errors while trying to gather logs.  The Gather operation is stuck

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    The Appliance Support page gets locked up or causes an error when trying to gather a set of logs.


    The gathered files are stored in the /usr/tideway/var/gather directory (on the coordinator of a cluster).
    And, the /tmp directory is used to temporarily write data during the gather process (on the coordinator of a cluster).
    If one of those partitions (/tmp or /usr) fills up, that is a problem.
    There are other causes of the problem.  Continue reading for solutions.

    If the operations hangs, the problem can often be solved by clearing out the data from the /usr/tideway/var/gather directory:
    As the 'tideway' user on the command-line for the coordinator, run these commands :
    cd /usr/tideway/var/gather
    ls -la
    rm -rf /usr/tideway/var/gather/<the name of the stuck gather file>

    Or, remove all of the gather files (assuming they are no longer needed) like this:
    rm  -rf  /usr/tideway/var/gather/*

    Go back to the UI page, and re-gather the logs, etc.

    The /tmp directory on the coordinator is used for gather operations, and /tmp can fill up.

    To check the disk space for the /tmp directory:
    df -h
    Is the /tmp directory full?

    If the /tmp directory is full, perform the following steps to clear the directory:
    1) stop the services from the UI, or from the command-line as the "tideway" user

    2) remove the files from /tmp as follows, as the "tideway" user:
    cd /tmp
    rm  -rf  /tmp/*
    (Some files will not be removed due to permissions.  Don't worry about those.  Don't try to remove those.)

    3) start services again (a reboot could be necessary, using "sudo reboot")


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