Remedy AR System Server- FTS - Full Text Search produces inconsistent results if non-English locale is involved

Version 11
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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    BMC Remedy AR System Full Text Search 9.x


    Using Global search or MFS:MultiformSearch produce different results if the search is run from a Search server or an Indexer server, but not always.
    If the search is for an incident number for example the results are the same but if the search is for a word contained in the subject field the results are different.

    In this scenario the environment is based on:
    - 4 server in server group.
    - 2 servers are defined as indexers.
    - 2 servers exposed to the users are defined as searchers.
    Search results are consistent between the indexer and the searcher but not between the searcher and the indexer.



    In Pluginsvr_config.xml file there is a parameter for a locale: [ftLangCode]en[/ftLangCode] For this scenario was using “en” for English locale.


    Check the following:

    1- Go to the searcher FTS instance and locate the the configuration XML file:
    .../BMC Software/ARSys/Pluginsvr/fts/Secondary/pluginsvr_config.xml 

    2- Within this file locate the parameter entry defining the Locale:
    3- The changes to perform are applied to the FTS Analyser:
    DEBUG [main] com.bmc.arsys.fts.impl.lucene.LuceneFTSService ( - The init is happening.
    DEBUG [main] com.bmc.arsys.fts.impl.lucene.LuceneFTSService ( - FTS: Initialize full text analyzers
    DEBUG [main] com.bmc.arsys.fts.impl.lucene.analyzers.FTSAnalyzerConfigReader (
    - com.bmc.arsys.fts.impl.lucene.analyzers.FTSAnalyzerConfigReaderFTSAnalyzerConfigReader: Instrumented >> stemmer : Italian

    DEBUG [main] com.bmc.arsys.fts.impl.lucene.analyzers.FTSAnalyzerConfigReader (
    - com.bmc.arsys.fts.impl.lucene.analyzers.FTSAnalyzerConfigReaderFTSAnalyzerConfigReader: Instrumented >> locale : it


    Ensure the "ftLangCode" specified has a relevant entry in the associated  "FTSLocaleConfig.xml"  file.     This file location is also specified using the <ftConfigDir> tag within the file.

    .../BMC Software/ARSys/Pluginsvr/fts/Secondary/pluginsvr_config.xml 


    an example FTSLocaleConfig.xml entry for the "en" locale would be:

     <locale locale="en" language="English">


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