Service Request is stuck in Submitted status without backend fulfillment record

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    Service Request is stuck in "Submitted" status without backend fulfillment record

    LP: BMC Remedy OnDemand 20.13.01
    DR: ODM - BMC Service Request Management 20.13.01

    Details: What is the problem or question (What happened, are there any error messages)?
    We are not getting error. We just know tickets aren't being created.. When we look at the link it says Error during loading document when we look at process view.

    Describe the problem you encountered compared to your expected outcome? no ticket is being generated

    How can the problem be reproduced? not sure . We don't know how often this is happening

    What is the impact to your business for this problem? (number and type of users effected, potential loss of revenue, project delay) Impact is big because tickets are being lost. No idea how often.





    Legacy ID:KA421354

    - Found customer was getting the following error, 
    Cannot establish a network connection to the AR System Plug-In server : onbmc-s (9999) REMEDY.ARDBC.APPQUERY : RPC: Miscellaneous tli error - System error (Connection refused) (ARERR 8760) 
    - Noticed no record got created in CAI:Events or SRM:AppInstanceBridge form 

    - Restarted Java Plugin running on Port - 9999 

    Additional Information 
    - Tested after submitting a Service Request and found that the backend application record got created (Incident, WO, etc) 



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