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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    BMC Remedy AR System Server - Server Group Configuration - v9.x


    In many of the cases, there are issues where Server Group functionality doesn't work as expected.

    For example, FTS Search does not work after completing a Full Text Reindex, Approvals do not get processed, and the Email Engine intermittently fails.

    In many of such cases, the AR Servers are not configured correctly across the Server Group, resulting in multiple different environments (DEV, QA & PROD) AR Server entries being configured in the AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form.

              AR System Server Group Operation Ranking

    The same entries from multiple environments are visible in the servgrp_board AR System database table and the driver.exe utility.

    As in the example below, several servers in the server group have a ranking of 1 for various operations in the OpsFlag property:


    Issues also arise when there are duplicate AR Server entries in the AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form and servgrp_board table; for example, the server short name as well as the server FQDN.

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    The invalid entries can be the result of a database migration activity from one environment to another. It could also occur if the Server-Connect-Name entry in the ar.cfg file is updated from short name to FQDN or vice versa.


    The solution is to reconfigure all the AR Servers in the Server Group.

    To reconfigure we need to follow below steps:

    1. Take a backup (or screenshot) of all the records from AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form. This will help to set the same rankings after reconfiguration.
    2. Delete all the records from AR System Server Group Operation Ranking.
    3. Check if you see any orphan servers entries in centralized configuration form, if yes try to remove those from  
    AR System Configuration Component form
    4. Bring down all AR servers processes from the group.
    5. Truncate all records from servgrp_board, servgrp_config, servgrp_resources, after taking appropriate back up.
    6. Truncate the orphan server entries from below tables. 

    select * from servgrp_applic
    select * from servgrp_ftslic
    select * from servgrp_userlic
    select * from AR_System_Server_Group_Operati
    select * from AR_System_Service_Failover_Ran
    select * from AR_System_Service_Failover_Whi

    7. Restart each of the AR Servers in a rolling manner (Primary/integration server first followed by secondary/user-facing servers). This will create the entries on AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form as well as servgrp_board table for each of the AR Servers.

    1. We have to make sure that Server-Group-Member parameter should be set to "T" for all servers in server group in ar.cfg/conf file or Centralized Configuration form.
    2. Whichever AR Servers gets restart first, ranking 1 will be set for all the Server Group Operations for that AR Server. For other AR Servers, we need to manually set the ranking for all the Server Group Operations from AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form.

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