Gateway stuck in initilizating state and New Day did not complete successfully

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    Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows



    - Gateway stuck in initializing state when the new day completed unsuccessfully.
    - New jobs are submitted continuously before the New Day

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    - How to configure Control-M Server to stop submission of jobs before New Day?

    Applies to:
    - Control-M Server V7 and above
    - All OS and Platforms






    Legacy ID:KA424816


    The jobs are submitted before or near New Day Time which will impact the New Day Procedure to completion

    - Configure the Control-M Server to stop submitting new jobs before New Day Time
    - Add the following entries in config.dat file for Control-M/Server:
    - The 'nn' is the # of seconds to NOT submit a job before New Day.
    - The default is 2, but should be set this to 10 or 15 to reduce the possibility of a job being processed while New Day is running.

    Additional Information:
    - The ctmdbtrans command output will show one of the transaction similar to following query executing in the database at the time:
      select MAX_CPU from CMS_NODEID_RUNNING where NODEID='pptugst01' and NODETYPE<>'R'



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