Service Level Management Demo Data Package for BMC Service Level Management 7.5.00

Version 13
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    The Service Level Management Demo Data Package for BSM Enablement contains sample service contract, service agreement, and service target definitions used in BMC Service Level Management (SLM) 7.5.00. The package is included with the SLM product media (OOTB) and has a complete set of sample data to allow you to quickly install and configure for demonstrations and proof of concepts (POCs).

    The SLM demo data package can be installed on your test system by selecting the appropriate option within the installer. Once installed, these sample definitions can easily be identified by the letter D prefix in the ID field (for example DSLA00901). In addition to the sample definitions, five configuration items (CIs) are imported into the BMC Atrium CMDB as part of the sample data.

    Be sure to follow post-installation tasks for setup of the CI outage data source, rebuild of the service targets, reconciliation of the CIs in the Atrium CMDB, and relate the business services CIs to people or organizations. See further details on page 23 of the SLM 75 Release Notes.

    SLM data:
    • SLM Base Contracts and details defined by BMC Asset Management
    • SLM Service Contracts and Defintions
    • Compliance data and history for agreements
    • Service target measurement record data

    Sample CIs:
    CI NameCI Class
    Discount Equity Brokerage ServiceBMC_BUSINESSSERVICE
    Online Retail Banking ServiceBMC_BUSINESSSERVICE


    BMC SLM data is designed to demonstrate a typical SLM environment supporting three critical business services at Calbro Services. Each of the business services has contracts defined with both business service users and service suppliers. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Operational Level Agreements (OLAs) define compliance targets aligne with Calbro service expectations and data from one or more service targets are used to calculate compliance.


    The intended audience for this package are Solution Consultants, Partners, Managed Services, and Customers to assist with demonstrations, POCs, and out-of-the-box (OOB) installations. 

    To use this package and instructions, you should have a basic working knowledge of SLM. For more information on platform compatibilty requirements, see the SLM product documentation and compatibility availability matrix.

    Suggested BMC product application, version & patch levels to use for this enablement data:


    ApplicationVersionPatch Level
    BMC Remedy AR System7.5.00Patch 1 & above
    BMC Atrium CMDB7.5.00Patch 1 & above
    BMC Remedy Change Management7.5.01No patch
    BMC Remedy Asset Management7.5.01No patch
    BMC Remedy Service Desk7.5.01No patch
    BMC Service Level Management7.5.00No patch
    BMC Remedy Knowledge Management7.5.00No patch

    There are additional enablement data packages currently available for other BMC products. They can be viewed and accessed from:


    BSM Enablement Data