emreportcli fails to run with message "Login Failed" if the Control-M/Enterprise GUI is connected to a different Control-M/Enterprise Manager installation

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    In case the utility emreportcli is used to run a report on different Control-M/Enterprise Manager environments, it may fail to run with error "Login Failed", if the Control-M/Enterprise Manager GUI is connected to a server where the emreportcli should not run.
    Login Failed.
    This error may be caused by any of the following:
    - Server 'GUI_SERVER' is not running.
    - The Server listening port is blocked by the firewall.
    - The outgoing ports are blocked in this computer."

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       Control-M/Enterprise Manager Version 7




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    Everytime a connection is performed within the Control-M/Enterprise Manager GUI, the file config.xml is updated with the last hostname where it connected.   If the emreportcli runs against a different hostname ( Where the other Control-M/Enterrpise Manager is located) it fails to run.


    Create  two copies of the config.xml on the Control-M/Enterprise Manager client where the emreportcli runs.  Before running the utility, ensure that the  file reflects the correct Control-M/Enterprise Manager hostname.  You can create a script which renames the file C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Control-M EM X.0.00\Default\etc\domains\config.xml with the right config.xml .

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