SmartReporting Hyperlink for Article ID to Smart IT interface

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    Remedy AR System Server


    ITSM In-App Reporting


    Customer is facing issue with Article ID hyperlink from knowledge management reports. When he click on Article ID hyperlink, same ID is not able to search on Smart IT Console.

    Article ID displayed in smart reporting is KBA000000000001. When checked article ID displayed in Smart IT is KBA0000001.


    - Be default, Article ID hyperlink in smart reporting use Request ID. That's the reason there is difference of 0s in ID. Initially, this object was introduced to work with remedy only and so request ID is used.
    - To make it work with Smart IT, you need to create another hyperlink object with DocID field and this will have similar Article ID as displayed in smart IT.
    - This includes editing Knowledge Management view and adding new object.

    - Hyperlink on the object should be as below:


    - Replace Article ID hyperlink with new object created above in reports and activate it.

    Article Number:


    Article Type:

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