Remedy - Email Engine - Configuring Office 365 with POP3 and SSL gives the error: "Could not connect to"  "EOF on socket"

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    Remedy AR System E-mail Engine v.9.x


    When configuring Office 365 in the E-mail Engine with POP3 for incoming email mailbox on Windows and having SSL the below errors are observed in the Email log:

    EML> /* Wed Sep 21 2016 15:55:09.927 */ Email Engine asserting waiting state for provider:[com.bmc.arsys.emaildaemon://outgoing/System Outgoing]
    <EML> /* Wed Sep 21 2016 15:56:16.765 */ Received event for activating {XXXXXXX, com.bmc.arsys.emaildaemon://incoming/Incoming_mailbox_name}
    <EML> /* Wed Sep 21 2016 15:56:16.766 */ Activating service provider: [Incoming_mailbox_name] 
    <EML> /* Wed Sep 21 2016 15:56:16.824 */ Successfully activated service provider: [Incoming_mailbox_name] 
    <EML> /* Wed Sep 21 2016 15:57:17.089 */ Received event for activating {XXXXXXX, com.bmc.arsys.emaildaemon://outgoing/System Outgoing}
    <EML> /* Wed Sep 21 2016 15:57:17.090 */ Activating service provider: [System Outgoing] 
    <EML> /* Wed Sep 21 2016 15:57:17.137 */ Successfully activated service provider: [System Outgoing] 
    <EML> <TID: 49> <SEVERE > <LoggingModule> <> /* Wed Sep 21 2016 15:57:19.145
    */ Could not connect to
    <EML> <TID: 49> <SEVERE > <LoggingModule> <> /* Wed Sep 21 2016 15:57:19.145 */ EOF on socket
    <EML> <TID: 49> <SEVERE > <LoggingModule> <> /* Wed Sep 21 2016 15:59:19.467 */ Could not connect to
    <EML> <TID: 49> <SEVERE > <LoggingModule> <> /* Wed Sep 21 2016 15:59:19.467 */ EOF on socket
    <EML> <TID: 49> <SEVERE > <LoggingModule> <> /* Wed Sep 21 2016 16:01:20.412 */ Could not connect to
    <EML> <TID: 49> <SEVERE > <LoggingModule> <> /* Wed Sep 21 2016 16:01:20.412 */ EOF on socket
    <EML> <TID: 49> <SEVERE > <LoggingModule> <> /* Wed Sep 21 2016 16:03:20.854 */ Could not connect to
    <EML> <TID: 49> <SEVERE > <LoggingModule> <> /* Wed Sep 21 2016 16:03:20.854 */ EOF on socket



    Email Server User was not configure with complete email address with Email Server Requires SSL as "Yes"


    Make sure there are no configuration settings missing or/and they are correct in the AR system Mailbox Configuration form.

    Email Server Type = POP3
    Email Server Requires SSL = Yes 
    Port = 995 (the configured SSL valid port) 
    Email Server User = Complete email address of email server user
                                   For example:

    On Windows Server where the Email Engine is running the JVM parameter needs to be added in the Windows Registry under the AR Email parameter to POP3 TLS protocol.

    1- Click Start and access the 'Run' command window.

    2- Type 'regedit' and click OK

              User-added image

    3- Browse through path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\....

              User-added image

    4- Locate the "...BMC Remedy Email Engine" entry, click on it and display the "Parameters" folder.

             User-added image

    5- - In the parameters list panel, Right click --> New -- String Value

              User-added image

    6- Name the new String Value with the next Option Number as per the values already existing in your environment.
        In the example below there are already four existing JVM options entries,so the new value is named with JVM Option Number 4 being the next.

              User-added image

    7- Double click the new JVM Option entry and in the Value data type: -Dmail.pop3.starttls.enable=true

              User-added image

    8- Last step is to update the JVM Option Count parameter to add the new JVM count number based on the added new entry.
        Based on the example mentioned on step 6, after having added the new JVM Option entry there will be a total of five JVM Options Number parameters, so this needs to be specified in the JVM Option Count parameter.

        Double click in the parameter JVM Option Count > update the Value data to the required amount value (as per the mentioned example will be 5) and press OK

              User-added image

    9- Exit the Windows Registry and restart the E-mail Engine Windows Service.


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