EUEM - Geolocation Dashlets Not Showing Captured Data

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    BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring - Software Edition


    TrueSight Analyzer


    BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring - Software Edition TrueSight Analyzer



    Capturing data and Watchpoint is showing the data but nothing is shown in the Global Application Delivery Dashlet.




    How does geolocation works in general?

    Geo location is based on the IP address. As there is no geographical information in any IP or TCP header, this geolocation is based on tables mapping specific IPs to specific physical locations. These tables are primarily maintained by the regional internet registries but some vendors are adding some data to their own databases to provide more information. The accuracy generally goes down with the deeper level of detail (Country geolocation is considered accurate, geolocation per city is considered fairly accurate, depending on the regional internet registry of origin). The most granular data available is generally the city level, except for the US which can go down to the metropolitan area.

    Please refer to this link for more detail:

    Of course, for geo location work, the IP has to be a public IP, not a private IP. Real End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM ) uses the Client IP (first public IP) for geolocation, for example in the GAD dashlet (Global Application Delivery dashlet). Given the MaxMind database it works with ( and given the technical backend constraints on EUEM not all the granularity one could think of is available in the GAD dashlet. This is generally accepted and if further granularity is necessary, the exported data (using export APIs) contains the raw information (Client IP) that can be used in external tools.

    In Real End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM), how is it possible to capture data in my watchpoint and the GAD dashlet is not displaying it?

    As per the "Client IP" reference list on the Collector, the monitored traffic is showing private IPs only (in 10.x.y.z network, Class A private network). There is no way to give a geolocation based on a private IP address, hence the GAD dashlet not showing anything.

    In order to work around this issue, on the EUEM Collector, edit the "First Public IP" Custom Field by adding a new extraction rule as follow:

    1. Set traffic selection:

      1. Format: "Filter expression only"

      3. Extraction name: "Mapping private IPs to Public IPs for geolocation"

      5. Filter Expression: "(true)"

    3. Set data source:

      1. Source field: "Client IP"

    5. Set transformation:

      1. Add transformation: "IP lookup mapping"


    After that, an IP lookup mapping can be created with the suggested configuration:

    • For initial values that do not have a mapping defined, use "".

      • This specific IP is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Using this IP will allow to easily spot missed (un-mapped) Client IPs. If some traffic is expected to come from Honolulu, then this default IP can be set to any other location where any traffic is not expected to come from.

    • For each Private IP address (or ranges), create a mapping to a Public IP address that will be located in a preferred place to see it.

      • BMC suggests using stable Public IPs (like public libraries or government IPs as they should not change owner in time). To find a correct public IP, search on the Internet to find some relevant ones (for example, google "IP address Ottawa" to find a public IP in Ottawa. Then use the University of Ottawa or the General Hospital of Ottawa as those IPs should remain stable in time).

      • Of course the entire subnets can be mapped to a single public IP. For example, Company ABC has an office in Montreal with private subnet "10.1.x.y", an office in Ottawa with private subnet "10.2.x.y", an office in Vancouver with private subnet "10.3.x.y" and a VPN access for people working on the road or from home with private subnet "10.10.x.y". Find 4 different Public IPs (one in Montreal, one in Ottawa, one in Vancouver and one in Calgary) and map each office's subnet to the appropriate city Public IP, while mapping the VPN subnet to the Calgary Public IP.


    Pro-Tip: To double check that the chosen Public IP address is correct and fits the need, use the online tool on or any other freely available geolocation tool available online. EUEM CLI command "geolookup" will explicitly check the installed geodb on the collector so it can be confirmed at EUEM level where the selected Public IP will be mapped to.

    Once done, save the configuration and the GAD dashlet should start displaying Clients correctly on the world map, as per the configuration done.


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