Control-M Server version  9.0.00 DBUHotBackup failed in Windows when using REMOVE_UNNECESSARY_LOGS parameter with error "could not copy pgsql to backup directory, check robocopy log"

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    Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows 9.0.00 Control-M/Enterprise Manager 9.0.00 BMC supplied PostgreSQL Database Microsoft Windows operating system only



    - With the usage of REMOVE_UNNECESSARY_LOGS parameter, DBUHotBackup utility will fails
       For example:
       DBUHotBackup.exe -trace_level info -backup_directory c:\backup   -administrator_password manager -remove_unnecessary_logs y

    VB-1100 - VB-1100 could not copy pgsql to backup directory, check robocopy log: %TEMP%\dbu_hot_backup\_err_D_M_YYYY_TIME




    CAR00052619 - In V9-GA, PG, Windows the following command will fail: DBUHotBackup.exe .... -remove_unnecessary_logs y


    - Navigate to the following directory:
      Control-M Enterprise Manager:
      <Drive>:\Program Files\BMC Software\Control-M EM 9.0.00\Default\bin\DBUtils\DBUData\scripts

      Control_M Server:
      <Drive>:\Program Files\BMC Software\Control-M Server\ctm_server\exe\DBUtils\DBUData\scripts

    - Backup the dbu_hot_backup.vbs script
    - Edit the dbu_hot_backup.vbs script by updating the 4 double quotes("""") to 2("") as below:
      res=WshShell.Run("robocopy " & """" & archive_dir & ....
      res=WshShell.Run("robocopy " & "" & archive_dir & .....
    - Save the file and rerun the hot backup again

    NOTE: When saving the file after above change, ensure the original encoding 'UTF-8' is not changed to other encoding. Otherwise the script will failed with compilation error when executed.

    Additional Information:
    - CAR00052619 is planned to be fixed in future Control-M version 9 Fix Pack
    - The "REMOVE_UNNECESSARY_LOGS" parameter removes all the archive files that created before the last backup as only the files created after the backup is required
    - The dbu_hot_backup.vbs script fails to (robo)copy the data to the %temp% folder due to the extra double quotes.


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