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    FTS searches stopped working. The corresponding entries in the FTS index log show:
    */Full text search plugin initialization completed
    FTSPlugin::getOperation - Error while querying the index. com.bmc.arsys.fts.impl.lucene.LuceneFTSService getIndexSearcher: Error getting index searcher. Likely cause is index does not exist-See logfile for details. (ARERR 875) 

    */Processing failed for schema {Schema ID}, entry {Record ID} field {Field ID} - ARERR 875 [FTSPlugin::initializeSearchService - Error initializing the FTSService:com.bmc.arsys.fts.impl.lucene.LuceneFTSService getIndexSearcher: Error getting index searcher. Likely cause is index does not exist Root Exception: read past EOF]
    */Initializing full text search plugin (Writer)





    Legacy ID:KA395636


    Above error indicates the Collection directory is corrupted and needs to be rebuilt.

    Note: These steps will rebuild the entire fts index. Some problems require a single form index to be rebuilt. See KA000105126 for further information.

    Perform the following steps to rebuild the FTS index:

    A. Stop ARServer service.


    B. Remove the records from the ft_pending table
        If you want to take the backup of ft_pending table then execute the following command:
        SQL Server: select * into ft_pending_backup from ft_pending;
        Oracle: create table ft_pending_backup as select * from ft_pending;
        To delete the entries from ft_pending table execute the following command.
        truncate table ft_pending;

    C. Delete all files from <AR System Install Dir>/ftsconfiguration/collection folder OR you can keep it as it is. Indexer will take care of removing the entries from collection directory. 

    D. Start ARServer service.

    E. Login to ARServer. Open Server Information from the ARSystem Administration Console and select the FTS tab.
         Select the "Reindex" option and click Apply.

    Ensure you have adequate disk space to store the full text index. See KA000106604 for more details




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