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    Remedy AR System Server


    Smart Reporting 9.1


    When entering the SLA compliance report per user from smart Reporting, connection error appears database.


    User is not able to access OOTB SLM reports with the below error when running the reports: "SLA Compliance incidence per user assigned Report showing the details of the SLA attached to each incident, along with the assigned user, the status of


    Create new report based on SLM View using single field and confirm that user does not have access to any SLM form in Remedy. Eg. SLM:SLADefinition

    There should be an exception ERROR .: (353): It does not have access to the form .; SLM:SLADefinition. Please check the SQL syntax and try again.

    Soln: Kindly provide the access/permission to SLM Form & then verify the output.

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