Atrium CMDB: ARERR 8753 - Error in plugin:BMC.ARDBC.ATRIUM.SERVICECONTEXT null after upgrade

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    BMC Atrium Core - CMDB


    BMC Atrium Core


    This issue appears to be a common problem that can occur with any BMC AR Server upgrade that causes CMDB to have a problem with its plug-ins.



    You may see this error when opening the landing console after upgrading BMC AR System Server from 8.1.02 to 9.1.00:
    Error in plugin : BMC.ARDBC.ATRIUM.SERVICECONTEXT null (ARERR 8753)


    After the error occurs the CMDB plugins do not load or run.





    This appears to be a known issue that sometimes occurs during an AR System upgrade and has a known work-around.


    Disable this filter SHR:LHP:InitSvc_GetServiceContextFlag in Remedy Developer Studio before the upgrade. The filter can be re-enabled after the upgrade if needed.
    However if you are using Service Context (with SRM, in the Landing console, ITSM) then you need to troubleshoot the issue so contact BMC support sending in the following.
    1. Combined api/sql/filter logging taking when the issue is replicated.
    2. The ar.cfg/ar.conf  and the pluginsvr_config.xml from  ../AtriumCore/cmdb/plugins/shared  - to check that the Service Context plugin is configured correctly.
    3. The AtriumPluginSvr.log - to see if there are any related errors.
    3. Screenshots showing the steps to replicate the issue.


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